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4th edition - Saturday, December 10th, 2022



Ticket Terms & Conditions:

1. Payment of tickets can be made online (highly recommended for instant confirmations) or through cash deposits at CIB Bank.

2. The Final Registration Deadline, regardless of Tier, will be on Tuesday, November 30th, 2022.

3. Members can cancel their tickets before the Final Registration Deadline and receive the amount paid as credit in their electronic wallet. The credit can then be used to purchase a new ticket, either for the Pyramids Half Marathon or any other event organised by The TriFactory. If a runner cancels their ticket following the Final Registration Deadline, they will not be eligible for a refund.

4. Changes: Registered participants can change their distance by cancelling their existing ticket and purchasing a new ticket for the race/distance of their choice. Kindly note that there may be a price difference depending on the registration phase/tier. This means that if a runner purchases a 21K race ticket during Tier 1 for EGP 800, and then chooses to change the distance to 10K once Tier 1 has closed, then the runner will have to cancel their 21K ticket, receive the credit in their electronic wallet, and then purchase their new ticket based on the price of the existing Tier.

5. Tickets cannot be transferred/resold to other participants under any circumstances.

6. At the Race Expo, participants need to present a valid photo ID along with their email confirmation in order to receive their Race Pack.

7. Ticket holders may change their race choice before the Final Registration Deadline by canceling the ticket and purchasing a new one. 

8. Ticket fees include the full race experience and the Race Pack. They do not include accommodation or transportation. 


Registration Procedures:

To book your race ticket, you will first create a new account and then select your race and complete your purchase through one of two ways:
- Online Payment: 
Use your Credit Card to pay online (this option is highly recommended and you will receive an instant confirmation of your registration).

- Cash Payment:
1. Make a cash deposit/transfer to The TriFactory bank account at CIB (Account Number: 100029925709
Account Name: TriFactory)
2. Send the bank slip to our email
3. The credit deposited in the bank account will be made available on your online account within 48 hours of sending the email confirmation to us
4. Register for your chosen race using the credit in your account

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6th edition: Saturday, December 14th, 2024

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