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Runners will be able to pick up their race packs at the Official Pyramids Half Marathon Race Expo on the TWO days preceding the Pyramids Half Marathon. The Expo takes place at Mall of Arabia in El Sheikh Zayed district. The Expo will be operational both Thursday & Friday for runners to drop by and pick up their Race Packs, attend the Race Briefings, and visit all of the exciting booths that will be set up there by our sponsors and partners.  

Race Expo Day 1 (12/12/2024)

14:00 – 20:00      Race Pack Pick-Up

18:00                    English Briefing

19:00                    Arabic Briefing

Race Expo Day 2 (13/12/2024)

12:00 – 20:00      Race Pack Pick-Up

18:00                    English Briefing

19:00                    Arabic Briefing

Race Day (14/12/2024)

6:00     Arrival of all runners

7:45      Final call to the Start Line

8:00     All three distances begin

11:00    Final cut-off time

11:00    Awards Ceremony

Access to the Pyramids

Entering the Pyramids on Race Day will require an Access Bracelet. Access Bracelets must be collected from the Expo, with tickets for each category purchased there or online beforehand.

  • Runners will receive their Runner Bracelet as part of their Race Pack.

  • Spectators must purchase their Spectator Bracelet for a fee of EGP 200 if they intend to enter with friends and family who are running. Alternatively, spectators can head to the Mena House Gate and enter the Pyramids as regular visitors by purchasing a visitor ticket at the public ticket booth, and then make their way up to Panorama 1 and from there they can walk to the event venue.

  • Media personnel must register their names, parent entities, and equipment and receive their Media Bracelet at the Race Expo.

Kindly note that due to stringent requirements from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities and the Egyptian Tourism Police, access to the Marakez Pyramids Half Marathon  will only be permitted for those with access bracelets. Entry will be denied unless you are wearing a Runner Bracelet, a Spectator Bracelet, or a Media Bracelet.

getting to the race

On the day of the race all runners should arrive to the Pyramids Complex between 6:00 am and 7:15 am at the latest. Runners can choose to arrive via official Race Buses, can get dropped off at the pedestrian gate, or can choose to come in private cars or buses.

Option 1:

Race Buses will be available from select points across Cairo. Runners can purchase a bus ticket for EGP 200 from our website or the Race Expo. Buses will depart at 6:00 am from each point and head to the race, and will depart the Pyramids at 12:00 pm to take runners back to the same pick-up points.

Race Bus pick-up points include:

1. McDonald's Gameat El Dowal (Mohandiseen)

2. HyperOne (6th of October)

3. Total Gas Station Maadi Gate #2 (Maadi)

4. Emirates Gas Station next to Downtown Mall (New Cairo)

5. Abdelmoneim Riad Square (Downtown Cairo)

6. Heliopolis Sporting Club Main Gate (Heliopolis)


Option 2:

Runners can be dropped off by their friends/family, taxi, Uber, driver, or any other vehicle they choose. We encourage runners to get dropped off at the pedestrian gate.  This will expedite their entry process and allow them to walk straight to the Start Line Zone.


Option 3:

For those runners coming with their private vehicles, a car pass must be purchased and passengers inside the vehicle must be wearing an access bracelet, whether as runners or spectators. In order to avoid congestion, we encourage all runners to carpool, thus reducing entry waiting times and allowing them to reach the Start Line Zone as fast as possible. On Race Day, entry to the Pyramids Complex can take up to 1 hour.


Car passes are available online at our website. Please note that car passes are limited, which means they will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Alternatively, runners can arrive on team buses. As with private vehicles, a car pass will have to be purchased either online or at the Expo, and passengers will have to have access bracelets, either as registered runners or as spectators. 

Start Line Zone

Upon arrival, runners should head to the Start Line Zone, where they will be able to:

  • Find refreshments (Nestle water & Lamar juice)

  • Deposit you belongings at the Baggage Claim

  • Use the portable toilets installed at the Start Line Zone

  • Visit the Alfa Medical Group tent for any medical problems

  • Head to the Spectator Zone to see your friends and family before the Race

  • Take fun photos and pictures

  • Attend the Awards Ceremony, where the winners will be announced


There will be Pacers for the 21K distance. Pacers will be wearing unique t-shirts, and runners will be introduced to their pacers at the Race Expo and at the Start Line Zone before the race.

Running Conduct

Runners must complete the entire prescribed distance for their race within the cut-off time of three hours.

Runners are permitted to wear earphones while running.

Runners are requested to run on the right-hand side, as many of the roads within the Complex will be operated both ways, with runners going and coming along the same path.

To find out more about the RACE COURSE go over the RACE MAPS, click here


All runners will be timed using the MyLaps Timing System. The electronic timing chip will be fastened to the race number that every runner receives at the Race Expo. Final results will be posted online and organised via overall ranking and age groups.

Every runner’s time will begin when they cross the Start Line, and overall finish times will be calculated based on chip time, not gun time. This means you do not need to rush forward when the start signal is given – your time will be calculated when you cross the Start Line, even if that is several minutes after the start signal is given.

Ranking & Medals

Every Pyramids Half Marathon participant (21K, 10K, & 5K), receives an iconic finisher’s medal upon successful completion of their race. Kindly note that runners who do not finish the race will not be entitled to a race medal. Rankings will be organised in overall and age group categories and certificates will be available online. Overall winners (top three males and top three females for each distance) will receive special prizes.

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6th edition: Saturday, December 14th, 2024

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