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3rd edition - 11 DECEMBER 2021

Race Expo

Race Pack Pick-Up

Runners will be able to pick up their Race Packs at the Official Pyramids Half Marathon Expo on the two days preceding the Pyramids Half Marathon at ARKAN PLAZA in Sheikh Zayed.

 When you arrive to the Expo please follow these steps:

  • Present valid personal identification (National ID Card or passport)

  • Collect your Race Number & Race Bracelet

  • Collect your Race Pack (including Race T-Shirt, Race Magazine, Race Cap, Race Lanyard & more)

  • Head to the Expo Stage to view the Briefing Video

  • Make sure to walk around the Expo and view all of the different booths and exhibitors

  • If you are picking up another runner's Race Pack you must have a photocopy or screenshot of their valid photographic ID and their ticket confirmation email.

Race Number, Bracelet, and Race Pack

Your Race Number & Race Bracelets are essential components of your race experience. You will use them to enter the Giza Pyramids Complex, the Start Line Zone, and the Finish Line Zone. You will use your Race Number to give in your bag at the Baggage Claim at the Start Line Zone and then collect it from the Baggage Claim at the Finish Line Zone.

Your Race Number must be worn on the front of your t-shirt and must be clearly visible at all times.

Your Race Pack will include:

  • Race Bag (this is the only bag that will be accepted at the Baggage Claim)

  • Race Number with timing strip attached

  • 4 pins to attach the Race Number with

  • Race T-Shirt

  • Race Magazine      

  • 1x Runner Race Bracelet

  • 2x Spectator Bracelets   

Briefing Sessions

Live Briefing Sessions will take place on both days at the Race Expo. English Briefings will be at 6:00 pm and Arabic Briefings will be at 7:00 pm.


The Briefing Video will be played regularly over the course of the two days and will also be available on our official website, The TriFactory Facebook page, and The Pyramids Half Marathon Facebook page.