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4th  edition - December 2022


Race Course

The Pyramids Half Marathon takes you up close and personal to the last remaining Ancient Wonder of the World. All three races will remain entirely within the Pyramids Complex, extending the amount of time runners can Race Through History alongside the Great Pyramids of Giza. The race course is fully pedestrianised and features several rolling hills and inclines, particularly for the 21K & 10K runners.


Runners will be able to pick up their race packs at the Official Pyramids Half Marathon Expo on the TWO days preceding the Pyramids Half Marathon. The Expo will be operational for six hours on both Thursday & Friday for runners to drop by and pick up their Race Packs, attend the Race Briefings, and visit all of the exciting booths that will be set up there by our sponsors and partners.  

Expo Day 1

14:00 – 20:00      Race Pack Pick-Up           

18:00                          English Briefing

19:00                          Arabic Briefing

Expo Day 2

12:00 – 20:00      Race Pack Pick-Up

18:00                          English Briefing

19:00                          Arabic Briefing

Race Day

    8:00 am           All three races start

   11:00 am           Final cut-off time

   11:00 am           Awards Ceremony

Running Conduct

Runners must complete the entire prescribed distance for their race within the cut-off time of three hours. All races begin at 8:00 am and end at 11:00 am.

Runners are permitted to wear earphones while running.

Runners are requested to run on the right-hand side, as many of the roads within the Complex will be operated both ways, with runners going and coming along the same path.


There will be Pacers for the 21K distance. Pacers will be wearing unique t-shirts, and runners will be introduced to their pacers at the Expo and at the Start Line Zone before the race.


Portable toilets will be found at both the Start Line Zone & the Finish Line Zone, as well as at select points on the course itself.

First Aid/Ambulance

Ambulances will be stationed at the Finish Line Zone and at 3 major points throughout the course, ready to assist runners in need at any time. There will also be First Aid kits at every station along the way and medical personnel available at major crossing points to help with any medical problems that may occur. Mobile event organisers on the course will be monitoring the progress of all runners and will be ready to respond with First Aid if needed. 


Nutrition will be provided to all runners on the course and at the Finish Line, but it is recommended that all runners plan their nutrition strategy in advance and make sure they have everything that they need ready for race day. Available nutrition will include:

  • Water (in small 330ml plastic bottles)

  • Electrolyte Sports Drink

  • Bananas

  • ​Nutrition Stations will be spread out regularly across the course, roughly every 2.5K.

Finish Line Zone

After you complete your race you will cross the Finish Line. Directly after you cross and have your photo finish, you will have access to emergency First Aid and water and will collect your race medal. You are asked to move quickly so as to make room for the other runners as they cross the Finish Line and so as not to ruin anyone’s photo finish. Please note that you will not be permitted to wait at the Finish Line for your friends and family to cross the Finish Line together.

Once you arrive at the Finish Line Zone, you will be able to:

  • Help yourself to Nestle water & Pedialyte Electrolyte Sports Drink

  • Visit the Medical tent for any medical problems

  • Visit the Physiotherapy tent for any lingering cramps or aches

  • Head to the Spectator Zone to see your friends and family

  • Take fun photos and pictures

  • Attend the Closing Ceremony at the Stage, where the winners will be announced

  • Begin walking back to the Start Line Zone, where you will collect your belongings from the Baggage Claim. 


All runners (21K, 10K, & 5K) will be timed using the MyLaps Timing System. The electronic timing chip will be fastened to the race bib. Final results will be posted online and organised via overall ranking and age groups.

Every runner’s time will begin when they cross the Start Line, and overall finish times will be calculated based on chip time, not gun time. This means you do not need to rush forward when the start signal is given – your time will be calculated when you cross the Start Line, even if that is several minutes after the start signal is given.

Ranking & Medals

Every Pyramids Half Marathon participant (21K, 10K, & 5K), receives a finisher’s medal upon completion of their race. Rankings will be organised in overall and age group categories and certificates will be available online. Overall winners (top three males and top three females for each distance) will receive special prizes.