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3rd edition - 11 December 2021

rACE day info


There are three ways for runners to reach the Pyramids Half Marathon:

  • Drop-off by private vehicle, taxi, or Uber/Careem.

  • Arriving via private vehicle and parking inside Pyramids Complex provided that a Car Pass is purchased at the Expo.

  • Arriving via a private team bus and parking inside the Pyramids Complex. Team buses must be registered with The TriFactory via an email to

All runners will enter the Pyramids Complex via the New Entrance Gate on the Fayoum Desert Road.

CLICK HERE for the exact location of the Runners Entrance Gate.

Start Line Zone

The Start Line Zone is where all athletes must head to upon arrival to the Pyramids Complex. 

Entrance to the Start Line Zone is reserved for race participants only. Spectators, friends, and family will not be permitted entry. Runners will enter the Start Line Zone using their Race Pass. NO RACE PASS, NO ENTRY. You must also have your Race Number & Race Bracelet in order to enter

At the Start Line Zone, you will find the following:

  • Race Lockers 

  • Portable Toilets

  • Water Stations

  • Medical Units for last minute medical needs

  • Start Line Zone Stage. At 7:45 am, all runners will be directed to the Start Line to begin their race at 8:00 am sharp.

Race Lockers

Runners arriving via private cars or team bus are encouraged to leave their belongings inside their vehicles. For those being dropped off at the event, we provide Race Lockers that allow runners to store their valuables. Once you deposit your items in a Race Locker, make sure to lock it and take the key. If you lose the key you will be subject to a financial penalty. It will also result in a long delay until we are able to open your Race Locker for you. 

Finish Line Zone

After you complete your race you will cross the Finish Line, where there will be photographers stationed (make sure to give them a smile) and where you'll collect your race medal. You will also have access to emergency First Aid and water. You are asked to move quickly so as to make room for the other runners as they cross the Finish Line and so as not to ruin anyone’s photo finish. Please note that you will not be permitted to wait at the Finish Line for your friends and family.

Once you arrive at the Finish Line Zone, you will be able to:

  • Help yourself to Nestle water, Pedialyte electrolytes, and Lamar juice. 

  • Visit the Medical Units for any medical problems.

  • Head to the Spectator Zone to your friends and family.

  • Take fun photos and pictures.

  • Attend the Closing Ceremony at the Stage, where the winners will be announced.

  • Head back down to the Start Line Zone and begin your journey home.


The event wouldn’t be the same without friends, family, and spectators cheering on the runners!

There are two ways for spectators to attend the event:

1. Spectators can arrive with the runners they are supporting, in the same vehicle they arrive in, entering from the Fayoum Road Gate. This method will allow spectators to park as close to the event venue as possible.

2. Alternatively, spectators can arrive to the event by entering the Pyramids Complex as regular visitors from the main gate near the Mena House Hotel. There, they will purchase a ticket as regular visitors (EGP 40 of Egyptian nationals and EGP 200 for foreign nationals). After entering the Pyramids Complex, spectators will be able to part at Panorama 1 and then walk around 400m to the event venue. CLICK HERE for the location of the Mena House Hotel entrance gate. 

Spectators should be wearing their spectator bracelets in order to enter the Start Line/Finish Line Zone, which will open at exactly 6:30 am. Please note that spectators will not be allowed on the main run course, are not permitted to cross the Finish Line with runners, and will not be allowed into the Start Line Zone.

Two spectator bracelets will be available in each runner’s Race Pack, and more bracelets can be purchased from the Race Expo at Arkan Plaza.


Access to the Pyramids Half Marathon on the day of the event will be restricted to Pyramids Half Marathon participants & spectators. All participants & spectators must have their valid Race Bracelet, which will be provided at the Expo.  

Security personnel will be present at the Start Line Zone, Race Course, and Finish Line Zone.

The Pyramids Half Marathon race course will be closed off to all non-event vehicles, meaning the route will be entirely pedestrianised and safe for runners.